Belated Thanks

Thanks to everyone who came to the campaign event this past weekend.

To those who did not attend, there’s new T-shirts! You missed out on your chance to be the first on your block to have one, and on a much more lovely Turpish, my wife Catherine, modelling one.

But you can still get one! I’m giving one to everyone who donates $50 or more (so make sure the address you enter on the form is one you can actually receive packages at).

There’s also stickers with a design very similar to the front of the T-shirt. If you’re not donating at T-shirt level, give $10 or more and you can decorate your laptop like mine.

Of course the best part of the event is spending time with people, mingling, and meeting new people. There’s a couple photos of that. But there were speakers, too, and for that part at least, you can reclaim much of the experience through the videos which have their own channel on PeerTube. If you really only want to hear what I had to say, I’ll embed that video below.

We’ll be looking to do another event along these lines later on in the year, but maybe it shouldn’t be in Atlanta. This is a state-wide election, afterall, and lots of people outside of the metro area deserve to participate. The planning on that hasn’t begun, so feel free to send me a note about why your neck of the woods is the most liberty-loving.

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